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Burn fat and sculpt your core in 25 minutes

Core Cardio HIIT Workout You can do this quick workout anywhere so no excuses, just get it done! Do 15 rounds of these 3 exercise for 20 seconds each. Have 30 seconds rest between each set. This will take you 25 minutes, get your fat burning whilst sculpting your stomach. It is important warm up your […] Read more  

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Clean Red Thai Curry

You have to try my healthy Thai Red Curry recipe… it is super easy, quick and a total winner! I have mine with cauliflower as a low-carb option, or with rice as a post workout meal! Let me know what you think! THAI RED CURRY (3 portions) 1 tsp coconut oil 400g chicken breast chopped […] Read more  

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What you scared of, Carbohydrates?

CARBOHYDRATES DO NOT MAKE US FAT! I used to be scared of eating carbs… I followed the trends like ‘Carbs on an evening will make you fat’ and I stopped eating bread, potatoes, pasta, rice. However I have become more educated since then and I am learning from all the gurus and science out there! […] Read more  

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What is HIIT & why is it so good for us?

High-Intensity Interval training is intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods. When we exercise at high intensity our body demands more oxygen during the effort creating an oxygen shortage.. this causes our body to demand more oxygen whilst we rest which keeps our heart rates higher for longer… Intense burst of energy = […] Read more  

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2016: Keep your healthy, happy body all year round

Everyone is back at the gym, out running in the rain, eating healthy, cutting the booze and on a weight loss mission again… but how long will it last? I totally understand the feeling of having that extra fluff that has sneaked up on you over the last few months and wanting to get rid […] Read more  

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