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Group Training in the North East

Libby Alice Fitness runs LoveYourBody Classes for girls at UrbanFit Studio near ponteland. It is £7 per class or you can book onto one of our 6 week challenges that run frequintly throughout the year. Libby also offers small group packages for families or friends that want to be fit, happy and healthy together. We can accommodate up to 10 people in a group, and Libby can visit your home if there’s enough space, or alternatively a nearby gym.

The classes are designed to be intense and involve a lot of team HIIT activities, while also ensuring everyone has fun, works together and gets involved! For more information, please get in touch with Libby via the Contact page.

Sign up today!

Sign up today and start your journey to becoming body confident! If you have any questions, please get in touch with Libby at or 07515 489 798.

LYB Class Timetable