What is LoveYourBody?

LoveYourBody is the perfect way to organise exercise, cooking and nutrition into your busy week. Get into a healthy routine, be happy, healthy and love your body! Libby started LoveYourBody (LYB) in 2015 to help women take care of their core, posture, fitness, nutrition, mindset and HEALTH! Her LYB fitness classes and online health,nutrition and fitness program is perfect for all women to enjoy.

  • Healthy Routine
  • Eat lean
  • Workout mean
  • Think Clean
  • Be a happy machine

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Group & Personal Training

Libby offers LYB group training and personal training focused on core strength, fat burning, sculpting, posture while having fun and a giggle! Libby is based in the Ponteland area of Newcastle and has the expertise & support you need to get the body results that you want.

LYB group training is designed to sculpt your target areas, burn fat and have fun. We have a great little group of amazing people who all support and motivate each other. The group training includes access to the online LYB Program which is full of yummy recipes, nutritional support and motivating home workout videos!!!

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