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This is a perfect way to fit your exercise, cooking and nutrition into your busy week. Get into a healthy routine and get happy, healthy and loving your body! You can take part IN PERSON or ONLINE.

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From experience Libby has learnt that mindset is one of the biggest problems when approaching personal health.  Struggling to find TIME to prepare healthy meals and to workout is a barrier to creating healthy routines. All it takes is a bit of ORGANISATION, which she can help you to do and make it easy and simple in this LYB program.

We provide you with weekly online meal planners, hundreds of easy, healthy recipes and 10-20 minute workout videos for you to do online or you can come to classes if you live in Newcastle! We have support chat groups where you can make friends, share pictures and help each other.

Libby is there to support and motivate you to achieve your goals the whole way through your subscription to LYB.


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